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Veddis is a single-family office with permanent capital, with a focus on long term wealth growth by investing across a diverse range of public and private assets globally.

Veddis embraces an investment framework rooted in long-term fundamental investing. This approach focuses on investing in businesses with high quality management in industries with significant structural barriers to entry or valuable hard assets, particularly when they are undervalued, ensuring substantial margins of safety. We maintain a balanced portfolio, concentrated enough to make an impact but diversified to control risk. We seek asymmetric payoffs, aiming for scenarios where successes yield significant gains while minimizing losses in failures. We have a blended portfolio, with a portion managed in-house and the rest allocated to external managers.

Veddis upholds core values of integrity, honesty, and stewardship, ensuring trust and fairness in all dealings. We have a culture of collaboration and believe we have fostered an environment that allows for continuous learning from each other. We value first-principles-based thinking, encouraging curiosity and learning from mistakes. We prioritize lasting success and relationships over short-term gains. We believe we have an obligation to make the world better, and we use our influence for good.

The executive team is spread across multiple locations and benefits from a rich diversity of thought, enhancing our ability to navigate various geographies and investment landscapes with broad perspectives and innovative insights.

Veddis aims to achieve sustainable, long-term growth and make a meaningful impact on both our investments and the broader community through the Veddis Foundation, established by the principal.

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