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Veddis is an investment advisory firm that seeks to create value through sourcing tailored investment decisions that meet the right criteria of asset class, risk profile, and geography.

We currently manage a portfolio of carefully selected companies which specialise in technology, health & wellbeing and retail.

Our sophisticated planning process provides our clients access to global investment vehicles free from bias, and has culminated in a longstanding record of superior returns. As a truly independent company, every decision we make is solely with the investors’ interests in mind.

Vikrant Bhargava Founder

Vikrant Bhargava is the Managing Partner and founder of Veddis, a global multi-asset investment company.

He was previously Co-founder and Marketing Director of PartyGaming Plc, where he spearheaded the company’s growth from a start-up in 2000 to a FTSE 100 business at its IPO in 2005.

After stepping down from PartyGaming, Vikrant has been an active investor and mentor to technology start-ups. He is also an active philanthropist and supports a number of high impact initiatives in the UK and India.

In 2012, he founded LetzChange Foundation that transformed retail giving in India by leveraging the power of social networks to raise funds for credible NGOs. After the merger with GiveIndia in 2018, the LetzChange platform has enabled Give to become India’s largest and most trusted giving platform.

In 2018, he founded FIRST UK (, a high growth organisation with an innovative approach to equip young people with the technical knowhow and soft skills to succeed, connecting them with mentors to design robots, take on industry linked missions and compete in tournaments.

He is also the Chairman of FounderPledge (, an organisation that encourages entrepreneurs to pledge a portion of their compensation upon the sale of their businesses. FounderPledge also advises pledgors on how they can maximise their philanthropic impact by giving these funds more effectively.

He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.


Real Estate Investment

Since 2011 Veddis has invested in real estate projects internationally and by applying our commercial and financial acumen we bolster our portfolio with a balance of risk and return.

Both independently and together with partners in the US, UK, Dubai, Ireland and India, we undertake a variety of refurbishment, redevelopment, and development projects with a particular focus on offices, residential and industrial units.

The Veddis team are actively involved from acquisition through to completion, applying our specialist knowledge to advise our partners and ensure the success of the projects we undertake.



We invest in organisations working at the intersection of technology, policy, and impact. With a mission to create deep and irreversible social impact, we work directly with the government on effective public service delivery.

We take an evidence-based approach to support institutions doing radical work. We hope to bring analytical rigour and a collaborative spirit to philanthropic investments with a goal to achieve measurable outsized impact.

Since we began our journey in 2006, we have worked directly with multiple state governments and invested in over 100 organisations, representing some of the most innovative initiatives in the social sector.

Do check out our work at Veddis Foundation.

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