We are a family office in London founded by Vikrant Bhargava known for our business, finance and real estate investment and our evidence-driven philanthropy.

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Veddis is an investment advisory firm that seeks to create value through sourcing tailored investment decisions that meet the right criteria of asset class, risk profile, and geography.

We currently manage a portfolio of carefully selected companies which specialise in technology, health & wellbeing and retail.

Our sophisticated planning process provides our clients access to global investment vehicles free from bias, and has culminated in a longstanding record of superior returns. As a truly independent company, every decision we make is solely with the investors’ interests in mind.

Real Estate Investment

Since 2011 Veddis has invested in over fifty real estate projects internationally and by applying our commercial and financial acumen we manage to bolster our portfolio with a balance of risk and return.

Both independently and together with partners in the US, UK, Dubai, Ireland and India, we undertake a variety of refurbishment, redevelopment, and development projects with a particular focus on offices, residential and industrial units.

The Veddis team are actively involved from acquisition through to completion, applying our specialist knowledge to advise our partners and ensure the success of the projects we undertake.



With FIRSTRobotics we saw a need and a great global charity for engaging students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics - and decided to bring it to the UK. We couldn't be more excited about it.


We proactively seek out the most effective and impactful interventions employing the best available research techniques. Having found promising interventions, we identify the charities best executing these interventions for grants.

About us

Our offices are at 30 St. George Street, Mayfair, London.
You can call us on: +44 203 129 1860

Our Team

Vikrant Bhargava

Investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist that floated his business on the LSE in 2005.

Nainish Bapna

Long background in business, finance, real estate and investment.`

Robin Black
Senior Business Analyst

Background across real estate and investment banking.

Chelsey Mann
Business Analyst

Previously at Blackrock and Porsche.

Alex Foster

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, founding member of the Effective Altruism movement.